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Hair Extensions Perth

The Deep Salon Lifestyle Store in Perth offer Tape and Clip-In Extensions of the highest quality. This gentle tape hair extension system is currently taking the hairdressing industry by storm. Designer Strips are a permanent hair extension system that stays in the hair for 6-8 weeks. They are then removed and re–taped (up to 2 times). There are no beads or glue melted onto the hair, making them a gentle alternative to other hair extension methods.

Interested in trying a flash of colour in your locks without the commitment of dye? Tape in Hair Extensions are your answer! A gorgeous burst of a vibrant shade or a full head of colour could be just what you're looking for! A wide colour choice is offered at Deep Salon Lifestyle Store in Perth!

The Designer Strips are applied by attaching one strip to either side of the natural hair and pressed together. They are lightweight and sit completely flat to the head making them virtually undetectable even in the finest of hair types. There are many ways in which to use our fine line range. Whether you wish to add length, thickness, highlights or low lights, the choices are endless. Designer strip hair is available in 18” & 22” with 14 colours in the range.

Upon consultation, a quote will be provided. This quote will include the cost of the hair, the service, and your aftercare Aveda shampoo and conditioner to maintain the integrity of the application.

To view some of our hair extensions, visit our gallery page today.

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